Menangle, NSW

RUC Mining Site

ADDRESS: 345 Menangle Road, Menangle NSW 2568
DURATION: 12 days

Scope of works:

- Supply and install of temporary awning structure only over walkways
- Raise of treated pine decking area with awning structure and supply and install
   of dual handrails to open end elevations where necessary
- Support posts to be secured to ground utilising 1-tonne weighted blocks plus
   tie down anchor points as required
- Supply and install of 2x timber landings with up to 6 tread staircase and
   handrails for 6x3 male and female toilet block
- Set of nominal 1800w set of timber steps with handrails to raised deck area
   access point
- Set of timber steps to all other ground level external entry doors nominated
   with allowance of 2-3 tread
- 12 x non-slip stair tread nosings to be installed as required


Key Service

Major Temporary Works
Section shape - aesthetics

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