Penrith, NSW

PRD Real Estate Penrith

Our building company recently completed a business fit-out project for PRD Real Estate in Penrith. The job involved creating a space that was both functional and welcoming for the real estate team and their clients. We installed new offices, flooring, paint, and carpet to give the space a fresh and modern feel. Additionally, we updated the lighting to create a bright and inviting atmosphere. Our team also installed signage to ensure the PRD Real Estate brand was prominent and visible to visitors. We worked on the roofing to ensure the building was structurally sound and safe for use. The client was left with a professional and functional space that reflects the values and image of PRD Real Estate. We are proud to have completed this project to the satisfaction of our client and are pleased to have played a part in enhancing their business operations.


Key Service

Commercial Fit-Out
Section shape - aesthetics

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