Wisemans Ferry, NSW

Del Rio Riverside Resort Wisemans Ferry

Our building company recently completed a complex project at Del Rio Riverside Resort in Wisemans Ferry, which had been severely affected by flooding not once but twice. Our team worked tirelessly to restore the resort and get it up and running again for visitors. We undertook multiple cabin installations, which included installing new floors, kitchens, wall sheeting, paint works and brought back to life the ground amenities. Our team of multi-trade professionals worked on both internal and external aspects of the resort to ensure it was restored to its pristine reputation. We also worked closely with the resorts stakeholders to keep them informed of progress to ensure minimal disruption to resort operations. Despite the challenges posed by the dual flooding event, we were able to deliver a high-quality outcome that exceeded the expectations of our client. We take great pride in our work and are pleased to have played a part in restoring this popular holiday destination to its updated model.


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